is first and foremost dedicated to the preservation of the Earth's reefs.
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8274 East 41st Street Tulsa, OK 74145 (Lucky's Pub on corner of center)

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Monday by appointment
Tuesday Noon to 7pm
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We offer FREE Local pick up! is a 3000 gallon aquaculture facility located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We offer quality, colorful coral frags and colonies grown by experienced local growers as well as in our facility.  

Livestock is at least five generations removed from the wild; which means that most of our corals have been in reef tanks for over five years.  We cut off the new growth over and over again thus eliminating the wild tissue.  This process ensures the specimen you purchase is adapted to a captive ecosystem. also offers fish for your reef aquarium.  Most fish sold are from existing tank break downs or tank raised.

We have built a good rapport with our local customers over the past three years, and are now offering our livestock to the rest of the United States to help stop our reefs from being harvested.