1 Pound Rox 0.8 High Grade Carbon Maximize

1 Pound Rox 0.8 High Grade Carbon

Highest grade carbon available for pulling contaminates out of water. Also polishes water for clearer looking tank. 1/2 Cup per 75 gallons medium stocking.

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$25.00 per lb

ROX 0.8 is a specialty carbon extruded into tiny, extremely hard pellets resulting in less dust and reducing the amount of fines released into the water. It features high numbers of large and small pores giving it all the advantages of both lignite and bituminous carbons. ROX 0.8 will make your water crystal clear faster with less material.

Bulk Premium ROX 0.8 Aquarium Carbon offers superior absorption, less dust and pristine water clarity. Typically used by pharmaceutical companies to create ultra-pure water. The wide variety of pore sizes makes it the best aquarium carbon available to remove yellowing pigments, contaminants and irritants from your tank.

Premium ROX 0.8 Carbon Specifications

  • Iodine Number: 1000 min.
  • Ball-Pan Hardness: 97 min.
  • Surface area (BET) m2/g: 1225
  • pH: Neutral
  • Food Chemicals Codex: Passes
  • Ash, Mass %: 3
  • Methylene blue absorption g/100g: 24
  • Washed with Hydrochloric Acid