1 Pound Catalitic Carbon Maximize

1 Pound Catalitic Carbon

Second stage in chloramine system. Used in insert. Will fill cartridge full.

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Approximately 10% of city municipal waters systems use chloramines to process water. Standard RO filters will not remove chloramines from the water. To find out what's in your water contact your city and ask for a water report. Granulated catalytic carbon works extremely well at significantly “lowering” the chloramine levels where carbon blocks work better at achieving “extremely low levels.” For this reason we suggesting them in series, the refillable catalytic carbon stage first and then the Chlorplus 10 carbon block. It is important to change them both every 5,000 gallons (include waste water in this calculation).


Recommended filter arrangement for chloramines treatment

  • Sediment filter - Stage One
  • Refillable cartridge with Catalytic Activated Carbon - Stage Two
  • Pentek ChlorPlus carbon block - Stage Three