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Finnex Heater Controller

Electronic technology

  • LED heating indicator

    The electronic controller maintains water temperature within 2F of the set value providing a safe, healthy, and stable temperature for the tank.

    Use with Finnex 0300, 0500, or 0800 heating tube.

More details


The HC-0800U Finnex electronic controller is equipped with a temperature dial allowing a temperature range from 68 - 92°F. Equipped with a temperature sensor, these units soundly provide stable environments for your aquarium lives. The three prong power receptacle works well with all Finnex Titanium Tubes as well as other brand's heating elements as well. For a solid reliable heater controller without the high price costs of digital display, the HC-800U controller works wonders for all aquariums; reef and planted aquariums alike. Please find specifications below for further details:

Voltage - 100-120V
Range - 68-92F
Accuracy - +2F
Max Load - 800 Watts
Overload Fuse - 12A