ME Coral Wash-Off 4x Concentrate 2oz Maximize

ME Coral Wash-Off 4x Concentrate 2oz

Dip dip Dip again! Wash those corals to avoid the bugs!

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Wash Off is a powerful Coral Cleaner for newly acquired corals such as Sps, Lps, Chalice, Zoas, Montipora, Mushrooms and more.  Wash Off is made from 100% pure therapeutic grade plant extract which will not stress corals like medicines, pesticides, or iodine based dips.  Wash Off promotes coral health and should be used to rejuvenate damaged corals or newly fragged corals. MECoral Wash Off 4X is highly concentrated having more than 4 times the strength of regular dips.

Comes in an 2oz bottle.                   Treat your corals Kindly.