Precision Marine Refuguim R-30 Maximize

Precision Marine Refuguim R-30

Best build quality sump we offer.

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Precision Marine Premium Refugiums possess all of the elements one looks for in a below tank filter.

  • All premium, optical grade cast acrylic construction.
  • Mechanical Filtration in the form of 100 micron bags.
  • Single or dual depending upon model.
  • Integrated Calcium Reactor speed fitting for CR effluent.
  • Integrated Substrate Reactor fitting for SR return.
  • Slotted/Grooves to strain any algae from refugium section to protect water pump.
  • Sponge chamber if so desired.
  • We do not use .177 or .220 Acrylic on any parts like nearly all of the others.


  • Overall Dimensions:    30”x 14”x 15”
  • Skimmer Chamber (upper):    11½”x 8½”        
  • Skimmer Chamber (lower):    11½”x 13½”
  • Refugium Chamber:    10¼”x 13½”        
  • Pump Chamber:            5”x 13½”
  • Drain Size:                Dual 1”
  • Optimized Water Level:        8”